Holiday Giveaway

Special Note
First of all I need to make this completely clear: this event MAY NOT finish with a reward, it all depends on activity and the end value of the prize pot from adds at the bottom of this page!
About the event
With holidays just around the corner, it's time for a little giveaway for the old visitors and the new.
This year it's time to shake things up. As you undoubtedly know, GoTA is coming to an end. However, the game creators are likely to create a spin-off game sometime in the spring of 2019 called Kingdom Ascent.
Which brings me to the twist - instead of giving away 50 gold, one or two lucky winners "might" get an account transfer to the new game for free!
I did say "might", because account transfers are a bit more expensive that GoTA gold used to be, so it all depends on the money pot from ads, as I explained at the top of this page.
This time prizes will be decided based on the earnings from ads. First prize is valued at $75 (1st buddy account).

Current earnings: $42
Go to my Facebook page and LIKE the post about this event. That's all it takes.
The event will run for 3 weeks, from December 15th 2018, until January 12th 2019.
From all eligible entries I will randomly select 1 lucky winner using Woobox.com.
Winner will be announced publicly.
I will message him/her via Facebook after event ends, and they will have to provide me with their DBid, in order to recieve prizes.
If they fail to respond to my message within 1 week (7 days), I will randomly select a new winner.

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