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This is a small collection of tools for Game of Thrones: Ascent

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Game Timers
The first page includes different timers for the game.

Alliance vs Alliance
The first timer displays how much time until the current AvA Phase ends (green count down) or how much time until the next AvA Phase starts (red count down).
Tales of Ice and Fire
The next timer display status of current Tale - where green count down means Tale in progress and red count down means time until next Tale starts.
King's Gifts
This timer will display the newest King's Gift that Disruptor Beam has released.The upper link will take you to the page, where you can recieve your Code. The bottom link will take you to Wiki page of the item, you will recieve as a gift.
Some gifts have long expiration periods, while others are relatively short. The timer is more relevant for the gifts with short life span.
Tactics Timer
This timer will display remaining time of your Tactics. Default value is 4320 minutes (3 days). You need to start this timer manually, as soon as you start the tactics in game.
Custom Timer
Custom Timer is used for whatever you may need to time, be it PtP actions, Adventures or maybe even something not directly related to the game.
When you press start, you are asked to input the number of minutes (60 = one hour), at which the count down will begin.
Day & Night
Last timer will display the count down for Day & Night as they appear inside the game, so you know just how long you need to wait for that Adventure you need to make. When the Day and Night change, you might be required to refresh your game for changes to take effect.
Luck Calculator
Crafting Success calculator is a tool, which is based on your acumulated Luck. Simply select the item you wish to craft, type in your current luck and it will calculate what is your chance of success.
Please note that if you use Black Gems, the ingame Luck indicator will directly show increased Luck, whereas using Blue Gems will not change Luck indicator itself, but the luck will be counted for that craft.

Dragon Training Recipes
Dragon Training will show you all Dragon recipes, broken down to the most basic resources. Instead of checking 10 different buildings in game, to find out what is the next thing you need to craft, this page displays all required resources, with the ability to expand / collapse each stage of the craft. That way you can display exactly what you still need to craft and hide those parts, which you have already finished.

CP & GP Calculator
Simple calculator to determine how many Command Points and Garrison Points you can have at a certain level, or what level you need to hit the specific amount of CP & GP. With or without the 8 fealty talent points.

Character Builder
Character Builder page will let you virtually build up your character, which will help you optimize your equipment and plan your future character development in the game. You can equip any piece of equipment, add seals, check or uncheck talents and building upgrades. After you're done with building your character, you can bookmark or share your build with others.

Alliance vs Alliance Camps
Stats and Upgrade requirements for AvA camps with Battle / Trade / Intrigue specific bonuses, so all levels 1-20. Some information on this page may change in the future, as more AvA ballancing takes place.

Friend Invite Links
Add Friend is a list of other players playing GoTA, that decided to share their Friend invite links. Clicking on those links, you will send friend request to players of your choice.
You can also post your own link for others to click on and request to be friends with you. You can do so by filling in the information at the bottom of the page. Since different gaming platforms require different links, it's important to choose the platform you play on. Links are added automatically, so yours will be added as soon as you click on "Add my Link" button.

Change Log
This page was first launched on September 30, 2014 and only included some Game Timers for World Events (now retired) and Day/Night timer, as well as Luck calculator. There have been several improvements after that. I will skip the minor updates (like adding new items to Luck Calculator) and focus on major changes.

February 4, 2015
World events have been removed from the game. I changed some of those timers into Custom timers, so users can manually set the time they wish to count down from.

Added new types of Gems to the Luck Calculator.
April 23, 2015
A new regular event has been added to the game - tales of Ice and Fire. And with it, the retired World Events Timers have been repurposed to display start and end time of the Tales.
May 10, 2015
Added a brand new page to the tools - Dragon Training recipes. For each of the Dragon stages, this page shows all required materials, broken down to the most basic ones.
No more checking 10 different building pages on wikia to find what exactly you need next.
May 23, 2015
Added King's Gifts to the Game Timers page. This filled the last slot on the Timers page.
June 5, 2015
Since they announced that AvA will be taken off for a few months to revamp the system, one of the timers just became inactive again. Luckily they also decided to give us small weekly eventy to keep us busy, so the old AvA timer was temporarily repurposed for those events.
June 13, 2015
Added a brand new page to the tools - Friend Invite links. It's a place to post your own link so other people can add you as a friend ingame, as well as checking the ever-growing list for new potential friends. Fully automated and at your disposal.
June 25, 2015
Since Tactics have been introduced to the game, I changed one of the Custom Timers to Tactics Timer. It still allows you to set your own time, but the default time you're offered is set to 3 days, which is how long the Tactics last.
October 5, 2015
I had a big mistake on Friend Invite page. Wasn't really a but, more like the lack of knowlegde of how those links work. Now the page serves links for all 5 platforms, so all links will work for all players.
november 17, 2015
With AvA successfully back in the game, the temporary events timer is back to it's old style - displaying weekly (or bi-weekly) AvA times.
March 1, 2016
Big day for the Tools, with quite a few new additions.

I started the overall color theme of the page to match our current season. I hinted this a few month back when I changed it to winter theme, but at a time I wasn't planning to actually make 4 seasons.
Added a brand new page to the tools - CP & GP calculator. Since they introduced the caps to CP and GP about a month ago, I've been juggling 3 projects at the same time. This one was the first to see the light of day.
Completely changed the navigation layout for the page. Instead of the old text buttons, now you can see the little icon buttons, with hovering effect displaying the page title. The growing amount of pages forced me to change the old style, and I must admit I like the new one better.
I added the progress bar on Luck Calculator page, similar to the one in game. But mine has a little addition to it - it displays added luck from gems in a different color.
March 8, 2016
As mentioned earlier, I've had 3 projects in development for a while now.
The second one to be released is AvA Camps. With all the stats, different bonuses for Battle / Trade / Intrigue camps and upgrade requirements, this should make AvA preparations a bit easier in the future.
March 22, 2016
Time to bring forth the last of the 3 projects
This is by far the most complex page I've done so far - Character Builder. It's a virtual character builder, so you can skip ahead and check what stats your character will have once you're done building it up.
March 22, 2017
It's been a year since the last major update - yes, I rushed this one, it's not 100% complete yet.
Some time ago I did some visitors analysis and discovered that an significant amount of you use tablets and mobile devices to view my page. And since it wasn't very mobile-friendly, I decided to rewrite most of the pages from scratch, based on a responsive framework. Hopefully this will make for a much better experience when using mobile devices.
September 1, 2017
Added Colossal Dragons to Luck Calculator and Dragon Training Recipes sections of the page, including the new Bloody Gem for increased luck with those dragons.
Minor layout changes with Rarity Gems and Luck Gems.
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